Saturday, July 05, 2008

That's cold, man, cold. . . .

If you are one of the few people who has read my blog, you'll remember how creative my kids can get with the insults. Hey, how many of you have been called "an artichoke?" That lovely was uttered by my son in a fit of pique. Now, his sister has anted up. The other day, the two were (gasp! shock!) bickering and, voila, she shrieked at my son, "You're an ice cube!" Fits of giggles ensued, of course.

Ah, there's a whole world of ingestible insults out there, just waiting to be used. The possibilities are practically limitless. I can't wait for round three.


Lucia said...

Dude! I just tracked your site down through LA Moms (i'm a blogger for L.A.M., too) and you're awesome. i actually read most of your postings back to april. that's a staggering accomplishment, considering my a.d.d. leanings. I'm blogrollin' ya.

Karen said...

Thanks Lucia--And may I just say I love you? No, really, I LOOOVE you and your blog. After reading your writing, I suspect we're on the same wavelength.

Thanks for reading, and may I suggest, if you're not feeling too ADD to go back to some of my 2006-07 posts. Frankly, I find many of them better than my more recent ones. . .And, of course, I'm desperate for readership!

Can't wait to meet you one of these days soon.

Yours in ADDess,

Karen said...

That was supposed to read

"yours in ADDness"