Sunday, December 10, 2006


Okay--I'm way too busy during this holiday season to write about anything extensively. . .but I did have to post the following:

The kids and I were riding in the car yesterday, and being the spoiled children they are, they've learned that I will usually let them listen to what they choose in terms of music. (Although that usually means what I've chosen to have in my CD changer, so there is some editorial choice on my part. But even the best of songs will lose its appeal by the 1,572nd listening--in a row.)

Anyhow, my 4 and a 1/2 year old asked to hear Ollabazami. I, of course, had not a clue what he was referring to. Back and forth we went--me explaining I had no idea what song he was talking about and him insisting it was in my CD player. With the level of frustration mounting on both our parts, he finally launched into the song itself:

"Ollabazami is on its way-ay. Ollabazami is here to stay-ay . . . ." I couldn't help it--I laughed so hard I almost had to pull over (which he did not appreciate--not being one to enjoy being laughed at). I realized that he was talking about "Oliver's Army," from the Elvis Costello CD we had been listening to lately. It took my finest rhetorical skills to separate him from his interpretation of the song and to convince him of the correct lyrics.

God I love kids!

Upon further overnight reflection, however, he is now convinced that I (along, apparently, with Mr. Costello) was wrong and that the lyric is "Olivahzombie."

And nothing I say can shake his conviction.

Ah, well. . . .if you can't beat 'em . . . .

Altogether now: "Olivahzombie is on it's way-ay, Olivahzombie is here to stay-ay, and I would rather be anywhere else but here today. . . ." Hmm. Kinda catchy.