Monday, April 07, 2008

Vegetable Insults

Sorry about the radio silence. As you may recall I was out-of-town this weekend (more on that another time), and I was just knackered beyond belief today. Now, I'm getting ready to head out to a Springsteen concert. . .and so will not have time to post much of consequence (as if any of it were really of consequence). . .

Still. . .something just happened . . .so I thought I'd share. . .This probably won't be nearly as funny as it was when it occurred, but what the hell:

I picked up my kids from their after-school activity today, and as usual when they are particularly pooped, they were bickering about some utterly stupid thing or another. As we were getting out of the car, my daughter closed the door before my son could get out--a not unusual tactic of hers. This happens to be something that really gets his goat. As they continued to bicker, he then decided to make his exit from the rear hatch. . .I suppose I should be impressed with the kids' ability to multi-task bickering and whatever else they're doing. . .Anyhow, as he was climbing over the back seat the kids continued to hurl insults at each other. . . Finally, my son looked at my daughter and, stuttering in his frustration, yelled:

"You . . .you're. . . an ARTICHOKE!"

Then he fell off the seat, plop.

And we all just cracked up. There is nothing like a good vegetable insult to improve everyone's mood.

Actually, I'm hoping that we come up with more vegetable insults. Much more creative and less damaging than stuff like dumb-dumb and poop-head. I wonder if Brussels Sprouts are next on the menu?

A toute a l'heure. (And to all you francophones out there--I haven't yet figured out how to put in proper accents in french, so you'll just have to imagine they're there, over each "a.")

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