Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I got carded (and that hasn't happened in a decade or more)! I almost hopped over the counter and planted one on the vendor! He definitely made my night.

Oh, and we had great parking karma. As we were waiting in the long line of cars attempting to enter the parking lot, we allowed some guys in a white Chevy Malibu to cut in front of us. Next thing we know, we're being flagged to go into the reserved parking area, where selfsame guys had given us a free parking pass. My friend and I would like to think it's because we're still cute, but most likely it was just that we were nice enough to let them in.

We tried to find them after we parked and at the end of the concert in order to thank them (and to assuage our consciences for having cursed them out--to ourselves--as we let them in line)--to no avail. Somewhere out there, are two chivalrous dudes in a Chevy Malibu to whom two chicks in a Honda Pilot owe a big thanks. So thanks, guys!

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