Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Post Haste

Okay--still swamped with birthday stuff (my son's "real" birthday is today), Passover stuff etc., so instead of writing something original--I'll crib from my kids.

First, though, my kindergarten son had a piano recital at his school last night, and I was so proud of him. He really can play! Even cooler? He was pretty darn proud of himself. He has natural talent--if only I could convince him to actually practice periodically. . .

Okay--here's another one of those things that may end up lost in translation. It is a little comic strip-type work my 9-year-old daughter drew. As I do not have a scanner, I can't scan in the artwork, so I'll just have to describe it--don't worry, there is dialog, too; just picture the speech bubbles!

First Frame: A cat in profile, looking at a scowling mouse in profile (although I must confess, I initially thought the cat was a fox. . . .). Way up in the sky, barely noticeable (I didn't even notice it until the 4th time I read the strip), a little unidentified object in the distance. Cat to Mouse: Can I eat you? Mouse to Cat: When pigs fly!

Second Frame: Again in profile: Cat looking up mouth open in surprise, mouse standing on Cat's nose, also looking up, open-mouthed. What are they looking at? A pig on a hang glider, complete with curly tail and goggles. Pig, looking down, smiling: Hey guys!

Third Frame: Again in profile, Cat (still looking fairly fox-y to me) with it's mouth open on the ground, tongue rolled out like a red carpet. Mouse resignedly walking up the cat's tongue into its mouth. Mouse: Okay. . . .

F0urth Frame: Full frontal view of the foxy cat, with a big Cheshire grin on it's face. Cat: I love a happy ending.

Fifth Frame: Full front view of the mouse in the stomach, floating in stomach juices. Mouse, scowling: Hmph!

Macabre sense of humor my daughter has. But I swear--it really was funny!

Hope everyone survived tax day more or less intact.

Until next time. . .

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