Saturday, March 22, 2008

And the blogger writes on. . .

I could go on and on about how lame I am and how long it's taken me to post. . .but that gets old really quickly--especially since almost every one of my posts seems to start with something along those lines.

But, as it has been a long time, I will give you a quick update on some things referenced in other posts. . ..

We had to put our old dog to sleep last summer, about a year after I wrote about her declining health. She was in so much pain and so ill, we really had no choice--the only guilt I feel was in perhaps not doing it soon enough. She may have suffered more than she needed to--it was so hard to tell, because she was such a stoic animal. My husband and I got her before we were even married, so her death seemed fraught with so much underlying meaning . . .none of which I have any desire to get into here. I miss her dearly.

My darling daughter, now 9, has now lost some of that magic I wrote about. She no longer believes in the tooth fairy or other related magical stuff. However, she has transferred her allegiance to Harry Potter (or should I say, become obsessed with Harry Potter), and there is still a part of her that believes that maybe, just maybe, some magic is really real. My son is now convinced, by the way, that he is a wizard (he still believes!) and that my daughter and I are witches. Oh, would that it were true. . . Well, I AM a witch sometimes, but I don't think it's exactly what my son had in mind.

Having recently re-read my post on bras, it occurs to me that it is time to buy some new ones...Wonder what raptures the experience will engender this time?

As for, um, body hair trends--thankfully, I have heard nothing more on the matter--and I do so hope that will continue to be the case! At least until I start sprouting those errant old-lady hairs on my chin. (As for you men out there in the blogosphere, don't even try laughing; have you seen what starts to grow out of your ears as YOU age?)

Finally, I mentioned in one of my posts that if you knew who some of my law-school classmates were, you'd be more inclined to agree with my assessment of myself as an underachiever--well, since one of the aforementioned classmates is Barack Obama--you get the picture. . . (By the way--Go Barack!)

Lovely writing again. Hope I'll have something more substantive to say next time. Cheers.

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