Saturday, August 09, 2008

John Edwards is a Putz

What an IDIOT. Why can't these guys keep their dicks in their pants???? Did Edwards really think he could get elected president and not have the press ferret this out?? Okay, clearly he's not only an idiot, he is also a delusional idiot. I realize power is attractive and that many of these guys have women basically throwing themselves at them left and right. But can't they exercise SOME self-control? Maybe we should be adding saltpeter to their Wheaties.

Punditmom does a bang up (tee hee) job of covering this issue here. Most people posting comments there are either pissed off, disappointed or both.

Here is my comment on her post:

"Surprisingly, I find myself unsurprised. I'm beginning to think there isn't a (male) politician out there who can keep his fly closed. I also think that, like all the other celebrities out there (ugh), when politicians reach a certain stature, they can become arrogant, conceited and self-oriented. After all, how many of them are surrounded by people who are honest with them? Who will tell them "no"? Who will tell them they're being idiotic and stupid? Not too many, I surmise. At some point, these public figures no longer believe that the rules for mere mortals apply to them. Either that, or they have a subconscious wish to be brought down. . .

I'm not really all that interested in the sex lives of our leaders--as long as they are generally competent AND not lying to us about it. It's the lying that really gets me. And yes, someone who's banging someone other than his spouse and yet holds himself out as a family man--a paragon of virtue--is most definitely lying to us."



PunditMom said...

It's all too, too sad.

Karen said...

Yes, Joanne, illusions are being shattered left and right. Depressing as hell.

And hey--thanks for visiting!