Thursday, August 07, 2008

Damn you to Hell, Hungry Girl


Okay--I, like many others out there in the internet ether, rely on Hungry Girl to help us choose healthier (I don't say healthy--b/c she is most definitely NOT a health foodie) eating options--lower calorie, lower sugar, higher fiber options.

Anyhow, this only works if you know how to control yourself. Unfortunately, in some cases at least, I do not. HG recently posted about a new product, Newtons Fruit Crisps --from the fab folks who bring us Fig Newtons. Ever since I read her post, I've been scouring the stores for these morsels of deliciosity.

Much to my regret, I found them yesterday at Gelsons. And the apple ones, at least, live up to HG's ecstatic commentary. (The berry ones are good, but not so good that I can't control myself around them). They have a kind of flaky, crunchy crust and a yummy apple pie-y filling. Each individual pack contains 100 calories and far less sugar than one would expect. Now that's all well and good--if--as HG expects--we can limit ourselves to one pack at a time.

I. Cannot. Stop. Eating. Them.

Each bite of crunchy, chewy goodness makes me crave more. I suspect it rather defeats the purpose of eating health-ier, if I'm eating the entire BOX in one sitting. (And this stuff isn't even chocolate!!) I want them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I want them INSTEAD of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I hate you Hungry Girl, for giving me the goods, but not the tools to control my consumption of said goods. You're leading me into the flabby arms of temptation--and now I need to be exorcised (and, yes, exercised, too. Bah-dum-bah.)

Caveat Emptor, everyone. You buy these at your own risk. Your taste buds may thank you, but your waistline will not.

Now, you go right ahead and have yourselves a great day, y'hear?


SNK said...

Just wanted to say I stumbled on your site and laughed out loud. Your stories sound like my life at home. I just started my own blog 3 days ago, and will look back at yours for further entertainment.


Karen said...

Thanks SNK--I love it when I'm loved! Keep reading (Lord knows, I need the readers!) and I'll check your blog out, too!