Saturday, May 10, 2008

Two Hundred Seventy-One and a Half Superdelegates and a Baby

The AP is reporting that Obama has 275 superdelegates in his camp and that Clinton has 271.5. 271.5? How exactly does one get half a delegate?

"My left side belongs to Obama, but my right belongs to Hillary."?

"Well, I'll vote for Hillary, but only half-heartedly."?

"I'm a "small person," so they'll only give me half a vote."?

"I'm pregnant, and I'm certain my fetus is for Hillary. I asked her to kick once for Obama and twice if she was for Hillary. There were definitely 2 kicks, so that's an extra half a vote right there!"

What's funnier than half a superdelegate? The following quote from the same article.

"ABC News and The New York Times reported separately that Obama had passed Clinton in superdelegates endorsements on Friday. Both of their counts, however, had fewer Clinton superdelegates than the AP count. The AP verifies all superdelegate endorsements included in its count."

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