Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Blue Collar Appeal

I find it hilarious (in a sad sort of way) that Hillary Clinton is viewed as the candidate for the blue collar worker, the one who understands them and that Barack is viewed as the elitist. Hillary grew up middle-class in Chicago and attended both Wellesley and Yale University Law School. I don't know how you get much more elitist than that.

Yes, Barack went to Harvard Law School, but he did not grow up privileged; he didn't have money-and he was raised by his single mother (until she remarried) and grandparents. He worked during college (if I remember correctly). He is not currently wealthy (and Clinton is). And while both are committed to social justice, Barack probably has a better first-hand understanding of blue collar workers and the working poor than does Hillary.

It just goes to show you it's all about perception, not fact. Sigh.

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