Thursday, July 20, 2006

Blog notes

Haven't written in a few days. Have a number of ideas percolating, but have been too busy or too tired to write much--hazards of momhood in the (hellishly hot) summer.

Before I get to any other ideas, I wanted to share some thoughts on this blog and blogging in general--some of these thoughts having been generated by responses by friends and family.

1. Blogging is a great way to avoid paying bills. Which I should be doing right now. I've been looking for new ways to procrastinate, and this is significantly more fun than scrubbing the toilet or cleaning out my closet.

2. Blogging can be, and probably is in my case, a wonderfully narcisstic endeavor. Where else can one write about oneself, one's thoughts, offer to share them with others, and assume they will (a) read them and (b) find them fascinating? Of course, in my case, I only know of one person for sure who has read this blog more than once (thank you!)--and it is neither my husband nor any other member of my family. So much for inflated self-image.

3. My Dad's reaction to my blog postings was to send me an article from CNN about a British woman in France who was terminated from her job in a hoity-toity advertising firm (also British, need I say more?), because of her blogging activities. Basically the firm felt her postings reeked of impropriety and reflected badly on the firm. My response to dad was manifold:

First, I am unemployed, and even if I were employed, I would hope it would not be at a stuffy firm. Been there, done that. Second, I am not writing about said non-existent employer in my blog--even anonymously. Third, while I wrote about cleavage, I did not post a picture of my or anyone else's cleavage--taken at work no less-- on my blog. (I like my bras, but not THAT much, people).

My dad, clearly contemplating my future employment prospects, worried that I would be too identifiable from my blog. First, this posits that there are actually enough people reading my blog who might both take offense AND otherwise have considered hiring me. Low odds, indeed. Hmm. See above re blog readership. Also, there surely are many middle-aged, unemployed, infertile, former lawyers named Karen in Los Angeles. I mean, REALLY.

Okay, I can no longer procrastinate on the shower front--I have an appointment to keep. I've got more on reaction to my blog, but I will post later. And please forgive any typos, grammar errors, etc. I don't have time, as I usually do, to edit this post. Ciao.

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