Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It's another shallow, yet busy day for me. So, in keeping with my renewed commitment to post more frequently, I am going to do just that. However, I can't promise it'll be deep. In fact, it'll be pretty durn shallow--as my entire day has been.

The World's Best Hot Chocolate:

Although I hestitate to call anything having to do with chocolate "shallow" (especially this--which is among the most intense chocolate experiences I've had in a couple of years), in the grand scheme of things--looking at the economy, the state of the world, corruption scandals and terrorist killings--it's pretty fucking shallow. But we all have to get a little pleasure somewhere, don't we??

So, if it's pleasure you are seeking (or at least pleasure of the chocolate variety), hie thee over to Chocolatt on the south side of Wilshire, a little east of Bundy. This Belgian chocolate shop has all sorts of ways to satisfy your chocolate jones, but by far my favorite is the store's intense hot chocolate. We're not talking your mom's hot cocoa. We're talking thick, hot, molten, melted, creamy, chocolate goodness like nothing you've ever tasted. (Although it's not as thick as the pudding-like consistency of Spanish hot chocolate). It truly is like drinking melted chocolate. With a lot of cream. My daughter and I are both pretty devoted chocoholics and neither of us could finish our small, extremely rich drinks. (They will make a less intense version for kids, but my daughter was having none of that--she wanted her chocolate straight up, thank you.) Never fear, however. You can bring home your cup of chocolately goodness, store it in the refrigerator (just watch how thick it becomes as it cools) and microwave it later.

A friend who introduced me to this little slice of heaven (or hell, depending upon your perspective on calories and fat.....) likes to take the decadence one step further. She gets the hot chocolate alongside a scoop of the shop's delectable homemade ice cream, dipping her spoon into one and then the other...Frankly, I don't even want to venture into that realm. I might never surface.

So check this place out on a day you need to warm up--or just be comforted.

New Nail Color:

Now we are truly entering the realm of the shallow. Another friend introduced me to the COOLEST nail color (I thought it was new, but upon further research, it appears the color has been out for at least a year....). It's called "My Private Jet" (from OPI) and it is, well, so cool. It is a gray--almost charcoal--based color with multi-colored metallic flecks in it. If you put only one coat on, it actually looks a little brown (and sparkly). With two coats you the gray really pops, and the shade changes with the light, because of all the different metallic colors in it. I guess it is hard to describe adequately. Let it be said, though, that I rarely put dark colors on my fingernails (I hate my stubby little fingers), but I love this shade so much it I tried it out. And it rocks. It really does. Almost makes me feel young. I'm sure my husband will make fun of me for this, but what the hey. Might as well get what joy we can from the little things.


ChefDruck said...

I want to do a post reviewing mail order hot chocolates to find the best hot chocolate you can get. I got a hot chocolate frother for Christmas and I'm not satisfied with the chocolates that I have. Any suggestions of sources I can contact?

Karen said...

Hey there--two sources--look on sell all sorts of gourmet chocolates....including hot chocolate choices. I'd also just check in with Cybele on Candy Blog ( She doesn't review hot chocolate per se, but she knows a lot about gourmet chocolates and has sampled many hot chocolates at different chocolate stores and food conventions and the like. her e-mail contact info is on the site. She's very approachable and nice... The Max Brenner hot chocolate I had in NY was pretty good. (nowhere near as good as Chcolatt's--but then again, nothing is). If I think of any other sources...i'll e-mail you. Shoot. now I'm hungry.