Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Virgin Territory

This is my first attempt at blogging. Be patient, please. Rather than a new post, this post is an edited copy of a ranting e-mail I sent out today.

There's front-page article in the LA Times today in which the U.S. Surgeon General is reported to have said second hand smoke is, under all circumstances, BAD. Duh. So why isn't it being regulated??? Most illegal drugs don't have immediate negative physical effects on those people around the consumer of the drug. It seems a no-brainer that if some drug negatively affects non-consumers, shouldn't the drug be, um, off the market? If tobacco smoking were "invented" now, the FDA would be all over it.

@#$*!!! tobacco lobby.

I say ban tobacco smoking! (I can dream, can't I?) And if anyone wants his or her tobacco fix, then let 'em have a chew--a big ole pinch between the cheek and gum, nothin' better. At least then, the only person being harmed is the consumer. And just think what it would do for the spitoon market.


Anonymous said...

There is actually a name for that kind of boob saggage-- it's called "Cooper's Droop". A marathon runner I dated told me about it. Apparently strikes relentless runners. The very reason I won't run. I suppose if you google "Cooper's Droop" you can find out who Cooper is and who exactly he was referring to.

There was a big Oprah show about bras, and how something like 84% of women wear the wrong size. The band size refers to the circumference UNDER the breasticles, around the rib cage. And most women are also trying to shove themselves into too small a cup (including me, I found out).

Don'tcha love bra trivia?

Lisa Sarasohn, corresponding from Boulder, where over the shoulder Boulder holders has a whole different meaning

Anonymous said...

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